Dear Friends.

Thank you very much for entering Real Happiness and Health. I am so delighted to meet soul mates who are still looking for something that transforms our life into

A Magical World!!!

The main purpose of this website is to give people direct access to experts who are the best in the world in the specialization of Health, Wealth, Right Education, Mind and Emotions, Relationship and Finding your Perfect Partner, and finally Real Happiness.


My name is Andrey and the website Real Happiness and Health is created by me.

The main reason for creating this site is to give people the right guidance towards the goal where everyone naturally desires to be. I mean real happiness and health.

Originally, I am from Russia (Moscow). However, for almost the last 20 years I have been living in London. I have a lovely wife and a cute 12 year old daughter, Natasha.





Since my childhood I have been looking for happiness.

Everyone has a different definition of happiness: wealth, health, family, career, business, true love…

We live in the most comfortable time ever. Technical progress gives us everything that even 100 years ago Royalty could not have imagined but at the same time people have become less happy. We are suffering from mental illness, especially anxiety and depression and the suicide rate is higher than ever, even with children. That had never happened before in human history.

So, I have dedicated my life to finding the answer to the simple question that we ask ourselves at least a few times in our life:


Everyone has experienced happiness and joy in their life. There is no question about it. Maybe it was Xmas time, or somebody presented you with a puppy that you were dreaming about, maybe it was a memorable day with your best friends, parents or moments of your first love.

Have you ever asked yourself one of the most important questions: What is the best day of my life?

If not, maybe it is time you asked.

So, you have got your answer now.

The second question is not the most pleasant one: Why did you stop looking for the same happiness and joy that you experienced before?

Anyone, who manages finally to get you off your comfortable, cosy sofa and enlighten your inherent desire towards happiness, deserves huge respect and appreciation.

Are you too busy or do you have too many responsibilities in your life – family, bills, business, job?

If we are lost and don`t know where to go in a large city, we ask people who know the location very well and we follow their instructions and we reach the desirable destination.

So, what is the difference:  if we are looking for health, wealth, joy and happiness. Maybe it is time to ask for guidance from people who swim in a fantastic ocean of joy, happiness, wealth and health.

You may be sceptical right now because you have already heard a lot of advice about joy, happiness, wealth and health but none of this has worked so far. I was exactly in the same situation and it took me more than 30 years of my life to refine raw material of information into priceless treasure and my work is still in progress.

Why do I want to help people?

Because it is so nice to live in a happy, healthy and wealthy society. How would you feel if everyone around you would smile and care about you like your parents did during your childhood? How wonderful would it be to live without any suffering, stress and disease? Have you ever noticed how people`s emotions change during Xmas time? Almost everyone becomes happier than usual. Let’s turn this amazing fairy tale into everyday reality!

Let’s start with yourself right now.

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