1)Health-the highlights

Stu Mittleman is a famous fitness educator. He ran 1000 miles in 11 days and 3000 miles in 56 days.

Access to Stu Mittleman`s work.

Tony Robbins – Self-made multi-millionaire, practical psychologist (his legendary teachers are Bandler and Grinder- NLP creators), author, outstanding businessman (his companies have combined annual sales of $5 billion), life coach.

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Doctor Robert O. Young is a research scientist. His specialization is the cellular level and nutrition, PH balance and researching the true causes of “disease”.

Access to Doctor Robert O. Young`s work.

Meir Schneider was born blind. He developed the system how to restore vision. His driving licence photograph is without glasses. He has helped thousands of people to be able to see clearly again.

Access to Meir Schneider`s work.

Pete Egoscue is a former Marine. He was wounded in the war and nobody  could help him to heal his back. He created a system of exercises for safe, effective, and permanent relief from chronic pain naturally. Pete has helped to solve the back problems of many celebrities, sportsmen and famous businessmen.

Access to Pete Egoscue`s work.

Dr.Joe Dispenza is one of the most practical men in the world. He took the best of ancient wisdom as well as knowledge of yogic and Buddhist traditions and invited the most progressive scientists, all from very different backgrounds. After applying his method, people have now become confident that they are capable of doing unbelievable things which contradict traditional science.

Access to Joe Dispenza`s work.

Sadhguru is an Indian yogi. He found the way of explaining the meaning and significance of achieving an enlightened state. A human body begins working to full capacity and becomes totally healthy only after the person becomes enlightened.

Access to Sadhguru`s work.

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