3)The right education-how to enjoy learning

“A human being is like a seed. Either you can keep it as it is, or you can make it grow into a wonderful tree with flowers and fruits.”      Sadhguru

Most of us stop studying after graduating from school or University because the majority of people have a very little understanding of how to learn and earn and don`t know either how to enjoy learning or to delight in every moment of our precious life. If only people realised the connection between knowledge, wealth, excitement and happiness, the process of studying would never stop, and the present time would be considered like The Stone Age. It is very important to be aware that benefits of learning are not only about increasing income. Knowledge will give us access to finding out the source of our actions, emotions, health and happiness.

When we hear words education, learning, studying or improving our skills, we usually experience unpleasant feelings. The reason for this is almost 100% of us didn`t enjoy the educational system of schools, colleges and universities because they made the process of learning boring, unenjoyable and even torturous in extreme cases.

Do you remember how much joy and happiness we experienced anticipating our holidays and how painful it was to come back to school when the holidays were over?

As a result, most people stop their educational process after school, college or university.

The minority, who choose to carry on with their education, usually push themselves to do so because it will give them more opportunity to survive in a very modern, competitive and technological era.

One English boy was particularly bad at school. The teachers gave him the worst comments about his learning abilities. He experienced more emotional pain than anyone else.

When he was 30-year old, he was browsing TV channels one day and accidently he saw a man who was memorising a deck of playing cards in a few minutes. He was shocked and intrigued. This program sparked his interest towards increasing his ability to learn. He started searching and invented a system of learning. He became an eight times World memory champion. He can memorise thousands of numbers at once, very long texts and he had an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for his 1 May 2002 feat of committing to memory a random sequence of 2808 playing cards (54 packs) after looking at each card only once.

The name of this genius, who was the worst at school, is Dominic O’Brien.

I had read a lot of books about improving one`s memory and had attended a memory course for a few days but none of these methods had made as big an effect on my ability to learn until accidently I came across Dominic`s audio book Quantum Memory Power.

I would highly recommend this audio book as a way of starting your journey towards an exciting memory world.

Dominic`s method is ridiculously simple but probably the most effective in the world.

The most important thing for me is for the first time in my life I started to enjoy the learning process and in a very short period of time I could memorise 100 numbers at once, a deck of playing cards (52 cards), a big load of important information and increase my English vocabulary (as was mentioned before I am native Russian).

Many people don`t know how to learn public speaking and have a fear of doing that. Parents and teachers still cannot find an effective way how to cure dyslexia. Dominic`s system will sort out these problems.

One of the main discoveries of Dominic O`Brien is the process How To Learn How To Learn.

The Learning process MUST be enjoyable.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”    Anthony J. D’Angelo

Please, give yourself and your children a joy of learning. The right knowledge is the most valuable asset of a human being and you don`t need to declare this priceless treasure in an airport and nobody can take it away from you. Business and the economy can be ruined, money can be stolen, a disaster can destroy our house, but our own knowledge is always with us and it gives everyone the strongest confidence to have a secure future.

If you are already financially free you can always arrange a one to one session with Dominic O`Brien.

The link to Dominic O’Brien (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).

Brian Tracy is another star in the science of learning.

He did a hard-labouring job in his early years. He realised at that time that it is impossible to have a proper income without the right knowledge. He used different strategies and set up his own system. He became a managing director of a multimillion company and later started his own business.

He speaks four languages.

He wrote many books about effective learning and he conducts training for big companies.

Not many people can afford to have a one to one session with him, but his audio recordings and books will be very precious for anyone who understands the real value of education.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”     Benjamin Franklin

To start with I would highly recommend as an introduction to Brian Tracy, his audio book “Accelerated Learning Techniques”.

The link to Brian Tracy (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).


Tim Ferriss was already mentioned in the Wealth section.

Tim Ferriss is not only a unique businessman, he is also a unique learner.

He is not only a brain developer, he also exceeds the limitations of people`s expectations.

A smart multilingual person, a good sportsman, an amazing dancer, a musician, a showman and a public speaker. These qualities he has gained via his own learning system. Tim is not naturally gifted. All his unbelievable talents are the result of a desire to possess an interesting, exciting and jolly life.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. “    Jim Rohn

The link to Tim Ferriss(or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).

Dominic O`Brien, Brian Tracy and Tim Ferriss pay significant attention to one of the most important parts of learning which is relaxation. An effective process of learning is impossible without peace of mind. Tim Ferriss regularly meditates.

Everyone remembers situations when we are under pressure, stress or worry and how very often we are unable to accomplish even very simple tasks. These types of negative emotions poison our life.

If we have a problem, we have to sort it out.

You can start with Transcendental meditation https://www.tm.org/

but if you are really serious about relaxation and understanding the real values of life, please check the Real Happiness section.

First of all, please do find your way to a relaxing state of mind before starting the learning process.

At the most horrible times of my life, I have always done physical exercises. The most effective ways to relax are jogging, skiing, swimming or at least a nice shower. Please, find your own way to relax or maybe try some of mine. Please, do it first of all, if you are in an anxious state for any reason and only after that, start your exciting journey of learning.

Speed reading is an important part of the educational process.


With Ereflect and 7 Speed Reading Software you will learn a new way to master speed reading that guarantees 3 times the reading speed with improved memory and comprehension.The most comprehensive speed reading system anywhere – with 7 learning strategies, 15 software activities, video training, ultra-advanced tracking, and much more.



Time is one of the most valuable assets and if you would like to improve your typing speed please check the typing website http://www.freetypinggame.net/. This free website will help improve your typing performance whatever stage you are at right now. Learning to type can be fun especially with typing games. You will like this learning approach for sure.

Knowledge of body language is paramount if you are serious about achieving success in almost all aspects of life.


All information about body language is in the fourth section Mind and Emotions.


Also, I suggest going for audio books and recordings if these are available, because listening will save your precious time, even if you have already read the book. Whilst listening you will discover some new important things that you had not noticed before.

It is fantastic to do some house work such as cleaning, ironing and cooking or having a meal and at the same time receive knowledge.

Please, do use this as a great opportunity when you are driving, doing sport activity, or during your holidays when you are lying on the beach and enjoying sunshine or if your working environment is suitable for listening (for example, if you are a chef, builder or cleaner – Tony Robbins was a janitor on his way to becoming a multi-million businessman).

Many people ask the question: what is the best mp3 player. It is not easy to find this on the market nowadays.

The choice is enormous and it is difficult to choose the right one. Please, consider buying a player with at least two features-1) a player with a built-in speaker, so you won`t need to use earphones and 2) one with a micro SD slot which supports a 64 or 128GB micro SD that allows you to listen to an unlimited amount of information-you can buy a few micro SDs but even one 64 or 128GB micro SD has the capacity to contain a few dozen books.

When you watch YouTube or any important webinars, it is always useful to record them and download to your MP3 player and listen to the recordings at a time convenient to you. Plus, you can always record your voice whilst reading important parts of a book.

You will find MP3 player recommendations in Products for education (or access from the Related products section). It would be fantastic if you could share your recommendations too.


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16 thoughts on “3)The right education-how to enjoy learning”

  1. Thanks for the references to gurus who have mastered the science of learning and efficiency. My weakness is understanding body language. Do you recommend any books or podcasts about body language?

    1. Dear Ann
      Thank you very much for your great comment!
      Allan and Barbara Pease are the best specialists in reading the human mind.
      Allan Pease is a body language expert and author or co-author of fifteen books.
      The Definitive Book of Body Language is the best book about Body Language.
      Kind regards,

  2. You are right, eduation must be fun. Although I’ve always had good grades at school, I had to memorize everything, even if it didnt make sense to me. Now at my 30s I hardly remember anything even from my university studies. I studied just because I thought I will have a great professional career with a degree. Of course it did not happen as I ended up working in entire different field 🙂 if I could turn back time, I would rather invest that time and energy learning languages and building my own business.
    Take care,

    1. Dear Eva
      Thank you very much for your lovely comment!
      Dominic O’Brien is an eight times world memory champion started in his 30s.Tim Ferriss speaks many languages and he continues to learn. You can find them on the website.
      Kind regards,

  3. Hi Andrey. Thanks so much for putting together this impressive list of high achievers. I realize that they all believe they are not special and their message to all of us is that we can also achieve our goals if we commit to ‘doing what it takes!’
    It is a pity that most of us when we were young were forced to go to schools, that resembled prison camps, and were forced to learn so much irrelevant information. We would have benefited so much more if we were instead taught about the learning process and the benefits of self-knowledge in relation to our future health, wealth, happiness and wisdom. If this had happened the world would be a lot different now. There would not be the large numbers of unfulfilled, sad, and lonely people around, as people would have known to pursue a life of joy and love compared to one where material wealth is regarded as the measure of success.
    I look forward to reading more of your material. Kind regards.

  4. Thank you for all of this wonderful information on learning! I am super interested in learning how to master speed reading so this – Ereflect and 7 Speed Reading Software – sounds incredibly interesting to me! I always want to learn and read more, but I have a hard time focusing sometimes and end up reading the same page several times before I soak in what it says. I’d love to learn better techniques to read faster and soak in the info at the same time!

    Definitely going to check it out.

    Thank you again!

  5. Thanks for sharing this great post with all of us! You are right when you write: almost 100% of us didn`t enjoy the educational system of schools, colleges, and universities because they made the process of learning boring, unenjoyable and even torturous in extreme cases. When I was younger, I didn’t take care of myself and never relaxed. I will teach my kids and myself to find a way to a relaxing state of mind before starting the learning process. I like your techniques. You are giving us great solutions here, so thank you!

  6. Thanks for this advice Andrey. I’m currently trying to learn another language and am struggling a bit to memorize the vocab. It appears that my memory isn’t what it was when it was younger so I’m intrigued by your discussion about that and Mega Memory. I was also interested in your comments about speed reading improving comprehension – do you think that would work for learning a language?

  7. You packed so much information in this blog post and it’s all so relevant to what I’m learning about and have read about. I love Brian Tracy. He is the person that first introduced me to the world of becoming more self aware. He lead me to great people like Tony Robbins as you mentioned and Tim Ferris. I have their books as well too. I am a classically trained chef and still work in food and while I prep in the morning I do just as you suggested. I listen to audio. Audio of Tony or Ed Mylett or Tom Bilyeu. I listened to Jim Kwik yesterday talk about learning better and faster, such as speed reading. I’m gonna check out the course you recommended above because that is my next goal to achieve…read faster! Thank you:)

  8. Great post Andrey!

    You have inspired me to get a better memory. Great links to some amazing people.

    I love Tim Ferriss and they way he uses his body as basically a human experiment! Haha. Love your work,


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