4)Mind and Emotions-how to relax your mind

“The mind is a powerful instrument. Every thought, every emotion that you create changes the very chemistry of your body.”   Sadhguru

Have you noticed that there is an internal dialogue in your head probably at least 97% of time? Nobody could cause more harm or create more fear than the inside brain talker. This horrible chatterbox is the source of human ailments, misery and unhappiness. That is why finding a working solution of how to relax your mind is paramount for everyone. Unfortunately, very popular stress management strategies don`t work nowadays because we must eliminate stress instead of appeasing it. A human brain is like a fire – it can kill or create miracles. Let`s start with awareness of what is going on in the bone box that is named a skull.

It took thousands of years of evolution for such an amazing creation as the human brain. Humanity has achieved unbelievable technical development. We are the most comfortable generation who have ever lived on the planet and at the same time we are the most miserable generation ever.

Depression, nervous breakdowns, stresses seem to become a natural part of our existence. Never before has the suicide level been so high. It is unbelievable that children especially commit suicide.

 I want to shout loudly: PEOPLE, LOOK AROUND, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

 The problem is we pay attention only to the external world (money, properties, cars, computers, careers, etc.) and completely neglect our internal world – our soul, heart, emotions, you name it.


Even for building wealth, joy and pleasant emotions are an essential part of creating a desirable material outcome.

So, the benefits of maintaining our mind and emotions in a positive way are obvious.

The question is where to find the right guidance? Millions of books have been written about psychology, self-help, mindfulness and still the majority of even professional psychologists and psychiatrists are not capable of providing real help.

I have spent almost 30 years of my life reading psychological books from Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung up to modern NLP techniques.

After all my intensive research and permanent implementation of the practical information tests from all these psychological books into real life, I have found that only Tony Robbins approach is the most effective.

Tony always wanted to find the most practical, effective and the quickest way of helping people. He attended a course of one the best practical psychologists Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Tony began doing his therapy sessions on stage and during famous TV programmes. People started experiencing real practical changes after Tony`s therapy. Many celebrities and very rich people pay ridiculous amounts of money (sometimes a million dollars) for a one to one session with him.

I would recommend listening to his audio recordings about practical psychological help and understanding how the human brain works, why most of us react like robots and how we can be responsible for our emotions. Tony`s recordings (Mind & Meaning,Leadership & Impact ) will lead to an amazing journey of self-discovery and an understanding of peoples behaviors who we deal on a regular basis – family members, colleagues, business partners, etc.

More information about Tony is in section d) emotions.

The link to Tony Robbins (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).

Our internal feelings relate to our body. When we are feeling stressed we use and move our body differently, compared to when we are happy or fall in love. Allan and Barbara Pease are the best experts in reading the human mind and nobody else can better explain how to understand body language. I read their book Body language when I was 20. It was like a fairy-tale. I really started feeling like a wizard, knowing who is who and what people think. None of the books I read about psychology could make such an amazing discovery about humans as this Body language book. Every day since then, I have used the knowledge that Allan and Barbara Pease shared.

Understanding of Body language is priceless.

It doesn`t matter where you are, what your position is, your age and background. This knowledge is paramount during an important meeting, job interviews, business negotiations, a date and making connection with your family. In other words, understanding of Body language is as important as our eyes and ears.

The Definitive Book of Body Language is the best book about this subject.

The link to Allan and Barbara Pease (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).


Our mind and emotions are only programs like software in a PC. The work of Tony Robbins and Allan and Barbara Pease should definitely be learned.

They will make an enormous positive impact on your life. However, if you want to touch real life and not just be a puppet of the programs of mind and emotion, please take seriously the information of the sixth section.



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16 thoughts on “4)Mind and Emotions-how to relax your mind”

  1. Very interesting and I will look into both the book about body language and Tony Robbins audio recordings. I’m sure I will love it. What would you recommend it it’s more acute stress? I have been suggested meditation several times, but does it actually work?

    1. Dear Belinda
      Thank you very much for your amazing comment!
      Everyone is unique and has his or her own likes and dislikes. However, whatever we do in our life, it is important to set up a habit of everyday jogging in fresh air locations such as the forest, park or maybe the seaside at least 10min a day and an hour on Saturday or Sunday if you work hard every day.
      It will be the first, the most effective and practical step, if you really want to reduce your stress level.
      The next steps are explained on this website.
      Kind regards,

  2. I’ve read a good deal on body language and communication a few years back. Much of my research provided me with incredible insights into how people communicate, even on subconscious levels. Thanks for the thorough post!

  3. Andrey,
    Body language is a big thing when you are the hiring manager. When I was doing interviews several times a day, you read people when that sat and I always took them on a tour if they passed the first part of the interview. How they walked and stayed up with me taught me a lot about their work ethic.
    I think there is a lot to learn by reading this book about body language. It took me many years to develop my skills.

  4. its a very good website you have created, I would like to comment on what you wrote on your home page, about suicide rate being high even in children, you are so right about this and its really worrisome to think that children can face so much trouble in their young life to a point of giving up.
    its very good that the are websites like this because people can get tools to deal with their daily life challenges and some how find happiness.

    great Job, I really love your site.

  5. Thank you for addressing the importance of mental health! I am a big advocate on health, which encompasses more than just the physical -but mental and spiritual as well. Mental health is so important to our overall health – playing a vital role in how we achieve better health in the other areas as well. With today’s society hell bent on the fast lane and multi-tasking – we are mentally drained and it’s important we do things to protect our mental health. I am big on mindfulness and meditation and intuition. But I’m interested in the teachings of the figures you mentioned in your article. I will check them out! Thanks again

  6. Thank you very much Andrey for this article
    I’ve studied the psychology during 2years only and I’m agree with you

    I’ve watched Tony Robbins and yes he’s work is efficient and impressive

    I’m so glad you mentioned the body language because yes most of the people talk on internet but when it’s time to face someone this is another story

    Thank you very much for this post
    It’s well impressive, you definitely got a lot of experience in that


  7. Hi Andrey, I enjoyed reading this post and I will surely check on the references and on Tony Robbins’ work!
    I am a fan of positive thinking so your post just confirmed that I am on the right track.
    Love the post and your site, keep it up!
    Kind regards, Marc

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