5)Relationships and finding the partner of your dreams-how to find your true love

“If you care for people around you, you must make yourself into a person they enjoy being with.” Saghguru

How many times have you been heart broken and asked yourself the same painful question – will I ever find love? We have all been in such a situation. Many advisers give us the “solution” how to find your true love. The cheapest commodity in the World is advice. Do any of them really help you or are you still wondering how to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend? We need practical steps that are based on scientific research which have already been tested in real life and have proved their effectiveness.


“If you strive to make yourself in such a way that nobody can help loving you, life will blossom, everything will yield.” Sadhguru 

If you asked anyone what is the best thing that ever happened to them – most of the answers would include the happiest moments of their childhood, first love and the magical time when they fell in love. These times made us so happy because we were surrounded by our favourite people who brought happiness, joy and laughter to our life. How wonderful would it be if all of us could live in such a reality for the rest of our lives!

If we are unhappy in our present relationship with our partner or we are divorced or single and the happiest moments of our life only exist in our memories, in that case it is time to start changing our unpleasant present and find the way how to live permanently in constant happiness, laughter and joy.

We must avoid and prevent the most common mistakes. When people get married, they truly believe that they have made the right choice. However, the statistics of divorces are terrifying. Both sides suffer, plus their kids, plus their relatives. Only one single wrong choice but what an enormously damaging, sometimes lifetime effect this mistake causes for many people, not only relatives but also everyone around. If people are in a wrong relationship, they spread negativity everywhere-in their working environment, on transport while traveling, shops, you name it.

Even before we start operating a new mobile phone, we read the instructions or at least seek advice. Nothing dramatically changes in our life if we press the wrong button on our phone. When we are choosing who we want to be with, ironically, we don`t need any manual and we are very antagonistic if somebody or even our parents give us any friendly advice. We consider ourselves as big experts.

One more human deception, isn`t it?

Maybe it is time to accept the fact that our knowledge about the subject of relationships is limited. It is not an easy confession, but it will help us to stay on the right track towards our happiness and joy in a long term relationship and our children will have a desirable and exciting childhood.

Again, I refer to Tony Robbins. He has personally helped a lot of families to return to their happy days and thousands of people use his approach for building perfect families and injecting passion into their relationship.

Tony is unique because he is a practical person, not a theorist. He transforms people`s relationships sometimes on the stage, in front of a big audience. One day a pale lady approached him and begged for help. She found her husband`s diary where he wrote that he wants to kill all of his five children and then himself. Tony created a miracle in front of thousands of people. Tony didn`t judge the man – he just wanted to understand the reason for such horrible thoughts. Tony discovered that this man – his name was Bob – is a very nice, kind and lovable father, who wanted to do the best for his family. Bob just lost complete faith in himself. He had lost his job. He couldn`t contribute to his family. Tony re-discovered the great personality of this man. Later, Bob`s wife wrote a beautiful letter to Tony. She couldn’t express her feelings of gratitude, she called this transformation a miracle. Bob had never been so close to his kids as he became after meeting Tony. His kids just adored him and the happiness that Bob and his wife used to have at the beginning of their marriage came back to their home.

The link to Tony Robbins -Tony`s audio recordings Love & Relationships(or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).

Please, will you listen to Tony Robbins recordings or if not, do memorise the six main human needs that Tony stresses are the most important for everyone’s life:




4)Love and Connection



 If your main human needs do not match your present partner`s needs, after a certain period of time your relationship will turn into a real torture.

So, let`s make our relationships how they are supposed to be – happy, enjoyable, delightful and desirable. It will benefit everyone-you, your partner, your kids, your parents, your work colleagues, your business partners and even strangers on a street.

Plan of practical actions:

1)Please, do learn from Tony Robbins discoveries of human relationships

2)Please, write on a piece of paper your three main human needs and what you really want to get from your relationship. Please, do be honest at least with yourself. Forget about society and moral clichés, do not worry that other people will judge you. Please, just be yourself (I would like to have a big family and maybe five kids or I don`t want to have children and be officially married…) and don`t judge yourself only because other people will think that your honest choice is unacceptable for society.

The best way to make your life miserable is trying to please everyone.

3)Please, describe in details physical attraction of a partner of your dream (height, colour of hair, eyes, skin, body shape …)

4)Please, write a plan where the most appropriate place might be to meet your favourite person. If you are looking for a smart and intelligent soul mate, maybe a good place would be a library, a university, a theatre or Internet website with a special interest like business, science, sport activity or travel. If you would like to have an easy close relationship without any obligation and commitment, just a quick love affair, maybe the best place would be a bar or night club.

5)Please, do learn from Allan and Barbara Pease`s work and start from their best book about Body Language “The Definitive Book of Body Language” and check all their other works afterwards if this intrigues and interests you.

The link to Allan and Barbara Pease (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).

Without this tool you will be like a new-born blind kitten but with body language knowledge you will be able to read human minds and thoughts. As a result, you will know who you can approach and when. If you see a person who is extremely attractive, and you reckon that if you approach him or her, he or she will reject you – please don`t believe it. You should pay attention to body language signals of the person who you would like to be with in the future. You will be surprised that sometimes the ugliest man or woman will reject you and the prettiest lady, or most handsome gentleman will be over the moon to make your acquaintance.

The sexual part of human life is essential and important. And once again people consider themselves experts in sex. This part of our life could be pleasurable and enjoyable or ugly and boring like every day routine. To make it desirable we have to gain theoretical knowledge and after implementing this knowledge turn this into practice.

It is not easy to find the right information about such an embarrassing subject.

Tim Ferriss is a most unusual businessman who was already mentioned in the second section Wealth. Tim always finds the way how to improve our life and go beyond our limitations. He has done a lot of research, investigations and personal meetings with many people from diverse backgrounds. Tim implemented all this gathered information into practice and tested it. As a result, he wrote a book “The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman”. This book could be the true revelation about sexual relationships and essential knowledge for understanding your partner`s desires and could be one of the best books about sex to start your research about this delicate subject.

This book may be shocking sometimes but will definitely give you useful knowledge and inspire you to explore this subject deeper in the future.

The link to Tim Ferriss (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).

All the above mentioned information in this section is very useful for your progress towards the relationship of your dreams. However, once again I would refer you to the sixth section. If you really want to experience the unforgettable time of your first love on a permanent basis, you should consider choosing the way which is described in the Real Happiness section.


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16 thoughts on “5)Relationships and finding the partner of your dreams-how to find your true love”

  1. Great post Andrey, Lot of interesting knowledge about Love and relationships. I’m also a big fan of Tony Robins, he has a lot of good advice for people in all aspects of life. I like your step by step plan for practical of action, and I also like what you write about body language, that we should observe peoples body language when we approach them. Body language is a much better indicator than a persons look, if she/he will reject you or not, it’s so true. Keep up the good work with you beautiful site about happiness and health.

  2. Hi Andrey,

    Great post. I learned a lot about love and relationships that I didn’t know about. I have been lucky with most of my relationships but some have failed due to the factors you discuss. I really like the 6 needs that you referenced by Tony Robbins. I love Tony but I don’t remember him talking about those so I am definitely going to look into them. I think with your tips, someone can find a relationship that will make them happy for years to come. Thank you!

  3. Andrey,

    I love your outlook on this topic. I personally think people rush into marriage too quickly, I have been with the same man now for almost 10 years. We don’t need a piece of paper to proclaim our love for one another. Not saying that someday we won’t be married but for now, this is what works. You’ve shared a lot of resources here and I think anyone looking for love has come to the right place. I wish you the best.


  4. Nice informative post with a practical step by step exercise. It is one thing to tell a reader what to do and another to guide the reader on a journey that we can follow. You accomplish the guide type of leadership in this post. Actually, getting out the pen and paper and writing down your real relationship goals is powerful!


  5. Hi Andrey,

    Awesome stuff! I actually stumbled onto a Tony Robbins video about exactly those 6 human needs.

    After reflecting I have realised that certainty and significance have played a big part in my life. However, growth and Contribution are the two that I value to most (love and connection a close 3rd)

    I’d love to know what you value the highest


  6. Thank you so much foir this post. My husband was divorced before he met me and I although I don’t know from personal experience, I’ve seen how hard it was on him. I also love Tony Robins, he’s an amazing motivator and has gotten me through some pretty rough breakups. I would recommend him to anyone going through a bad break up or any relationship issues.

    Great post thanks for sharing!

  7. This is an amazing post-Andrey, I am single myself for about 4 years now, I am not sure if I will ever find my love but what I know is life will go on and relationships and love will be there when the right time is there! Your post contains a lot of interesting information about Love and relationships.

    Body language is important for everything of our life so it is logical to be part of relationships and Love, it is something people should be aware because we use it sometimes unconsciously and hoping our partner will understand that hint.

    Your post is amazing so keep up the good work with your amazing site about happiness and health.

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