6)Real Happiness-how to find happiness in life

“Spirituality does not mean going away from life. Spirituality means becoming alive in the fullest possible way, so you are not just alive on the surface, you are alive to the core.”      Sadhguru

What seems unbelievable today will turn into an exciting reality tomorrow if you are committed to searching for the answer how to find happiness in life.  A common mistake is looking for books about finding happiness and becoming a passive reader for the rest of your life instead of continually making practical steps every day. Start right away, after you have finished reading this section, and then watch Isha Upa yoga videos for beginners (the link to Sadhguru or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section) and immediately begin practising if the information below appeals to you. (NEVER EVER practise any yoga exercises for beginners except Upa without a certified teacher. This rule applies to all levels, not only to starters).

Have you ever asked yourself why the film Matrix has been so popular for a prolonged period of time? Probably, because unconsciously we understand that we live in an illusionary world.

Children are naturally curious. They always ask thousands of questions but the two most fundamental ones that every child asks are: Where did I come from and what will happen after death.

When we become adults we forget or don`t pay any attention to these two questions because we fill our lives with earning money, building careers, business, looking after the family or we are just satisfied with the religious explanation – if you behave, God will admit you to Heaven, otherwise you go to Hell. “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.”     Richard P. Feyman, Nobel Prize–winning physicist. But human beliefs about Heaven are so weak that everyone, even the most religious and well behaved people use every opportunity to avoid going to Heaven. They physically and emotionally suffer because of terminal illness, they allow doctors to make operations, they cause a lot of problems to their relatives due to their ailments. Logically, if Heaven is such a beautiful and pleasant place to be, everyone should look forward to going to a such fairy-tale. This is a contradiction, isn`t it? The problem is people are not true believers. Their explanation about Heaven and Hell just give them an excuse to avoid searching for the answers to these two important questions – Where did I come from and what will happen after death.

Fortunately, some people chose to be searchers and discoverers, not passive believers.

“Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece.”     Ralph Charell

One of the such amazing people is Sadhguru. He has already found the answers.

People like him are called enlightened or awakened. The main reason we can`t find the answers is that we live in a blind or sleeping state. All our thoughts, emotions and feeling are just an accumulation of our past. If we look at our thoughts none of them belong to us. We are just biological robots who not able to see and enjoy the beauty of the World. We live our lives according to programs that are incorporated in our mind by our families, schools, mass media… We think that we are completely free, but in reality, we are slaves of our mind. We are not able to control our thoughts and emotions. They are in charge of our life and control us totally. People use drugs or drinking alcohol to create an illusion of liberation from mind slavery.

We never live in the present moment – we live a state of regretting the past and in fear of what will happen in the future. The real fact is 99% of our fears never occur. “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened. ”    Mark Twain

We love somebody only because our expectation of his or her behaviour is more likely to give us pleasant feelings. As soon as our loving partner or spouse does something wrong, for example starts drinking or has a love affair, we begin hating them. This is how fragile our love is. We can truly love and live happily without any fear only after the discovery of ourselves as a part of the Universe. It is not an easy process and much harder than becoming a millionaire but without it, life is pointless.

Extra advantages of going beyond human mind limitations and achieving an enlightened state are our body starts functioning at its full potential, all fears will disappear (can you imagine your life without any fears and worries at all? ), your mind starts working at full ability – not like now, at only 2-3%.

“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”     George Bernard Shaw

If you think that the above mentioned information of this section is nonsense, please concentrate on the first five sections.

“Are you here to experience life or think about it?”      Sadhguru

If this section sparked your interest, please start your exciting journey towards discovering yourself and who you really are as  part of the Universe from Sadhguru`s, Ramana Maharshi`s, Papaji`s and Osho`s books.

All links related to this Real Happiness section are in The Highlight of The Website section.

If you have made the most important decision of your life and have decided to discover who you really are and find the answers to at least these two questions – Where did I come from and what will happen after death – in that case, it is necessary to start with practical actions. Like participating in the Olympic games, it is impossible without the right training, passion and everyday hard work.

Please, do remember you can`t go beyond your present limitations without the guidance of an enlightened teacher who possesses knowledge that will lead towards a desirable outcome.

Practical steps that needed to be taken:

1)Ideally, you have to find an enlightened teacher (called guru sometimes). If it is impossible in your present circumstances, please find a yoga teacher who was trained by an enlightened teacher. The easiest way is to find a teacher who was certified in Sadhguru`s yoga centre in India after six-month training. You can find Sadhguru`s yoga teachers in almost every country. Sadhguru`s centre also provides advanced teachers (after four years of training) who teach proper meditation.

All links related to Sadhguru`s yoga teachers and programs are in The Highlights of The Website section.

2)You have to do yoga and meditation every day or else don`t start doing these practices at all, because the break will destroy everything that has been gained during the practice

3) You need to find an enlightened teacher who knows how to bring his disciples to an enlightened state. Please, bear in mind that not every enlightened person can be an enlightened teacher in the same way that every Olympic or World champion cannot be a coach of an Olympic team.

After all my research and many hours talking to people who have spent many years in India aiming to reach an enlightened state, I would recommend Genadiy Givin school.

He is a Russian enlightened teacher who has found one of the most effective approaches to get his students into an enlightened state. Already, more than 20 people have been enlightened under his supervision. One of the reasons why his method is so effective is that all his enlightened disciples participate in his training of new people. His training sessions, called retreats, are conducted in the capital of Belarus – Minsk and the capital of Latvia – Riga every two – three months. Each retreat lasts six to seven days and food and accommodation are included. Most participants are very intelligent and educated people with Master degrees. Genadiy Givin has a Master degree in engineering.

Things are that important to remember:

a)Your development totally depends on your personal attitude and being passionate about what you do, like starting up your own business-you can have a perfect business mentor who provides the best business knowledge and advice but every step of building up your business has to be made by you

b)In the Health section – breathing was mentioned regarding the importance of breathing exercises – they must be conducted in a proper way only by an enlightened teacher or people to whom he has passed this knowledge and allows to teach. The same thing regarding yoga and meditation techniques. Never take breathing, yoga and meditation training which is conducted by people who have not been approved by enlightened teachers because in the best case scenario it will just be a waste of time and in the worst case scenario it will ruin your health.  Yoga exercises directly affect your spine. This significance is paramount for health and reaching an enlightened state. The main two reasons for this are a spine is a conductor of life energies and a spine is the place which connects us to the Universe like an aerial for a TV – TV is useless if the aerial is wrongly positioned. The right Yoga practice will lead to flexibility of your spine and you will already start to feel it after your first few yoga sessions.

c)If you want to find the person of your dreams and love him or her unconditionally like any mum loves her child – the only one practical way is to start your journey towards realising who you really are through the enlightened state, otherwise living in the illusion of your mind will never give you a taste of real life and true love.

I am very glad that you still reading this section. Thank you very much for paying attention and I hope you will make the right decision towards discovering Real Happiness and Health.

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14 thoughts on “6)Real Happiness-how to find happiness in life”

  1. I definitely agree with a lot of the ideas presented here. Way too often we’re concerned with chasing external means of happiness when in fact the real happiness lies with in the little things and appreciating what you already have. I know the one thing that has always made me happy was that I was still alive and still had family members and friends that were a part of my life. It really is true that real happiness comes from within, at least from what I’ve learned.

  2. I think swimming has allowed me to stayed centered. Doing a few laps around the pool with only the water sounds in my ear really relaxes me. But attitude for sure, I’ve noticed that in my life, that when my attitude is positive I don’t stress as much. Or the stress doesn’t phase me too much, I just do. But when i am negative, it seems to attract other negative things. Thank you for your knowledge!

  3. I definitely agree that you are the key for your own happiness. Like you said : “Your development totally depends on your personal attitude and being passionate about what you do”, I couldn’t say it any better 🙂 Great article, thanks for sharing this!

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