6)Real Happiness-the highlights

Dr.Joe Dispenza is one of the most practical men in the world. He took the best of ancient wisdom as well as knowledge of yogic and Buddhist traditions and invited the most progressive scientists, all from very different backgrounds. After applying his method, people have now become confident that they are capable of doing unbelievable things which contradict traditional science.

If you want to begin your exciting journey towards discovering who you really are and who you are as a part of the Universe, please start from Sadhguru`s books. He found one of the best ways to explain to modern society, the meaning and significance of achieving an enlightened state.

Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Osho`s books will also lead you in the same direction.

Genadiy Givin is a Russian enlightened teacher (Givin school) who found one of the most effective approaches to get his students into an enlightened state. Already, more than 20 people have been enlightened under his supervision. One of the reasons why his method is so effective, is that all his enlightened disciples participate in his training of new people.


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