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For appreciation of the most precious gift of nature, please try to stop breathing for a short period and it will become crystal clear to you the significance of doing everyday healthy breathing exercises. However, negligence of these exercises will ruin all aspects of health like a domino effect sooner or later. You can see such awful consequences of this almost everywhere – aggressive people who are not able to control thoughts and emotions. A lot of people are obese including teenagers and they even have no idea of how to get rid of belly fat fast. People spend a lot of money on perfect skin products and still can`t achieve the desirable outcome. Have you noticed your healthy rosy cheeks after jogging, especially when the weather is freezing? Eight times world memory champion Dominic O’Brien always includes jogging in his preparation for memory competitions because he knows better than anyone how to improve brain function. If this section sparks your interest and you realise that the benefits are innumerable, you will dig deeper in section six and find out what yoga breathing exercises can do for your Real Happiness and not only for health.

The wise ancient Greeks said:

If you want to be beautiful – jog, if you want to be healthy – jog, if you want to be happy – jog.

– Breathing and beauty

Oxygen is vital for our life. There is no question about it.

However, the most fundamental misunderstanding regarding breath – is the deepness and frequency of the breathing process. The biggest misconception of healthy breathing is deep and frequent breath. That is completely wrong, and this misunderstanding has already caused serious health problems and in extreme cases death.

Let’s look at the animal world. Which animals live longer, which breathe frequently or rarely? A dog or a turtle. The answer is obvious – a turtle.

Big dogs breathe more frequently than smaller ones. As a result, the life span of the smallest dogs is almost double that of the biggest ones.

There is an irrefutable statistic – people who live in high mountainous areas live much longer than the rest of the world despite the fact that breathing in these areas is much harder because of rarefied air(very low atmosphere pressure – so less oxygen pressure to your lungs).It is quite usual that people in these places live for 100 years or longer.

Try an experiment – run very fast from the top of a high hill to the bottom, breathe very deeply and frequently. You will experience a very unpleasant feeling in your chest.

It seems illogical that less oxygen means a longer life span. It is even more illogical that runners who breathe deeply sometimes die during their run. Seriously ill patients very often feel much worse after using an oxygen mask.

Luckily, the more progressive scientists, who are happy to question generally accepted dogma, have discovered how vital Carbon Dioxide CO2 is for our wellbeing.

Our body needs atomic oxygen(O) – not molecular oxygen(O2) which is in air. Molecular oxygen(O2) connects with hemoglobin (the iron-contained metalloprotein in the red blood cells) in the lungs. Atomic oxygen forms from molecular oxygen and water in our body.  CO2 helps the process of expanding the capillaries. As a result, more oxygen goes to the cells. Hemoglobin transports oxygen to the cells but without a certain concentration of CO2, hemoglobin won`t be able to release and pass this oxygen to the cells (the linkage between oxygen and hemoglobin is very strong). That is why we MUST ensure that we have a sufficient concentration of CO2.

Oxygen burns substances in our body. Analogy: no fire – no energy.

So, in short, if there is not enough CO2, cells won`t be able to receive atomic oxygen and cells without oxygen won`t function – a direct way to illness and early death.

We must breathe rarely and not deeply and hold the breath after breathing out. As a result, there will be enough CO2 in our cells to create the perfect conditions for the transportation of oxygen to our cells. A lack of oxygen in cells will cause diseases.

This recent scientific discovery is in total agreement with wise yogic knowledge which is thousands of years old. One the most important aspects to achieve harmony with The Universe and the discovery of full mind and body potential is to reduce the breath.

There are many breathing techniques but the most basic one is:

1)Slowly breathe in

2)Hold for two seconds

3)Slowly breathe out (this must always be longer than the breath in)

4)Hold the breath as long as you can (after 1 – 2 months of practice you will be able to hold the breath for 30 – 60sec)

5)Breathe out the rest of the lung air through your mouth (this will help you to breathe in with less tension after)

6) Slowly breathe in again

You have to hold your breath using this technique 30-60min a day.

Breathe like this everywhere you can – on transport, whilst walking or resting.

When you do physical activities like walking upstairs or jogging, do this technique for one breath and after that take 3-5 normal breaths for breathing stabilization and then start the circle again.

It takes a few days to get used to this breathing method and at first you are likely to feel uncomfortable.

Always breathe through your nose (never your mouth) because less oxygen goes through the nose.
Please, remember more physical activity, especially with a combination of rare and not deep breathing, produces more CO2 which delivers more oxygen to the cells.

How does fresh air create beauty of the human body? Have you ever noticed how skin colour, shape of your eyes and your nose change after refreshing jogging, especially during freezing weather? Your cheeks become rosy, your eyes are sparkling, your nostrils become more sensitive. If you notice any lady after jogging, you will see the magic touch of nature and the best make up in the world will never create such an astonishing transformation.

– Breathing and brain function 

It is a proven scientific fact that if there is a lack of oxygen, the human brain will become damaged and it will lead to death. Everyone notices that after jogging or walking in the forest, a park or any kind of wild nature, where there is an abundance of fresh air, our thoughts become clear and our brain starts functioning much more efficiently and productively.

– Breathing and Health

There is a clear evidence that breathing fresh air increases our life span. People live longer in countryside areas. Financially successful people often choose as a living location to be near the forest, seaside or river bank.

-Breathing and emotions

Nowadays, people with a stressful life style due to their occupation, take regular or spontaneous breaks for jogging that relax them and create positive and pleasant emotions.

Please, give yourself the gift of breathing and each cell of your body will respond accordingly with real gratitude.

Some people might think that jogging is a very easy process. The smartest mind is the most sceptical mind. The smartest people always check the origins of everything, they look at the details from different perspectives, rethink many times before making a conclusion.

What do you think about someone who can run 1000 miles in 11days (sleep only 2-3 hours a day)? The most interesting fact is he was fresh and full of energy at the end of such an unbelievable marathon. Or how about 3000 miles in 56 days?

The name of this remarkable person is Stu Mittleman. Stu wasn`t a natural runner but he had the passion to discover new horizons of human capabilities.

I don`t ask you to repeat his records or even participate in any marathon.

Stu`s book Slow Burn: Burn Fat Faster by Exercising Slower will give you invaluable knowledge about the process of jogging and understanding human metabolisms. Stu explains how to use and burn your fat which will lead to an improvement of body shape.

Stu Mittleman`s website contents all his products and services which even includes his personal coaching program.

The link to Stu Mittleman (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).



What is the border line between life and death?

Just a few cubic centimetres of air. We don`t value the gift of nature that is called air because it is always present.

Fortunately, some individuals understand the importance of breathing. These people appreciate the significance of air and they see different and deeper dimensions of breathing techniques as paramount importance because breath is directly connected with life`s energies. A human body is the most sophisticated computer in the World. Unfortunately, 99.9% of us not only haven`t read the manual about how to use such an amazing but very complicated gadget but even have no idea that such a manual exists.

Everyone knows that TV, computer or any electrical appliances, even if they are the best possible quality, will never function without a power supply. We don`t see how electricity works, how electrons move towards our devices and make them alive, but we know the significance of energy so that nobody would even try to operate any electrical device if the power is off.

We take a completely different approach towards our body energy. We still ignore evidence of the significance of life energy because modern medicine denies anything that is impossible to see through a microscope`s lens. Many people who seem to have healthy bodies die every day even during sport activities. Unbelievable, isn`t?

“If your energy body is full of vibrancy, the physical body will naturally fix itself.” Sadhguru

Knowledge about life energies exists for already 15 000 years.

People who can go beyond physical limitations are known as Yogis.

Most of us, when we hear the word Yoga, think about yogic postures that help improve health and the body`s flexibility. It is a wrong perception because the main purpose of the science of Yoga is to cross physical limitations and to discover the full potential of a human being.

“Yoga essentially means finding the key to the nature of the existence.” Sadhguru.

If I have sparked your interest about discovering your full potential as a human being, as a first step please start your exciting journey with Sadhguru`s books.

Also, you will find more information about this subject in the sixth section REAL HAPPINESS.

The link to Sadhguru (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section-Enlightened people).

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24 thoughts on “a) breathing-healthy breathing exercises”

  1. Very interesting article. Very educative should I say. I was unaware of the different type of breathing. Thank you for taking the time to share this!

  2. Thank you Andrey for this post, I am an advocate for quality breathing, I include it in my daily meditation and yoga practice, it helps alot with stress, and you are right, we sometimes just take oxygen for granted and don’t realize its importance until we hold our breath.
    Looking forward to future posts.

  3. Thank you, Andrey, for this informative. I have been practicing breathing exercises before meditation. I do Pranayam and Suksham Kriya which not only keeps my active whole day but helps me to remain positive. I am subscribed to Sadguru’s channel and have read his book “Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy”. The book has helped me understand basic values of Human being.

  4. You are right that we are the most amazing organism on the planet and yet so few people understand the significance of this. They take their body, their food and the air for granted without considering the important role that each play in keeping us healthy or ill. Breathing is energy for the body, and without air, we would all die very quickly as you have said.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Andrey,
    This post is great.
    I like to take a few deep breaths at work before I’m about to do a stressful activity. Or I’ll do deep breathing exercises to get myself ready for an activity that I hope to “Kick ass” on—sort of to put me in that mental state that I WILL accomplish whatever goal I have in mind. This also works for when I am facing an issue, I use breathing as part of my weapon in solving a problem. Breathing exercises can invite positive and supporting energies to help you get through the day. We only have to learn how to use it, and practice it.

    I am one of those that upon hearing the term “Yoga”, the different poses come to mind immediately. When in reality, Yoga is directly related to breathing properly.

    I learned something today. I thank you for that.


  6. Hi Andrey,

    I’ve never taking breathing seriously because it just happens so naturally in our subconscious mind. And I believe that holds true too for most people. After reading your informative post, I am gonna try the breathing exercise in hopes to become healthier! Thanks for sharing =)

  7. Hi Andrey

    Thank you for this very informative post. I’m becoming more aware as I am getting older about how important breathing is and how it can have an impact on our overall well being. I couldn’t agree with you more when you indicate that we take it for granted. I find that when I am overly stressed, stopping and focusing on my breathing pattern helps to relax and calm me down.
    I appreciate you taking the time to create this very insightful post.

    All the best


  8. Andrey,

    I’ve used the breathing techniques in the past that you have mentioned. After doing the breathing exercises, you do feel more energized. Thank you for the great information.


  9. Hi Andrey,
    I like all the information you are giving on different techniques that I believe people need to learn.
    I do a lot of breathing treatments and a lot of meditating. I don’t jog but I need to.
    I know that you have to change from the inside to the outside. That is how people look and feel younger.

    Thank you for making all this interesting information available to the public.

  10. Very interesting article. I didn’t know about these breathing exercises and the relationship between oxygen and carbon dioxide in our bodies. Now that I read it, it actually makes perfect sense, but I think I will have to read the breathing instructions again, so I can do them properly 🙂
    It always blows my mind how some knowledge has been around for centuries, and yet we don’t know about it. This is certainly new information, and I hope to find out more about it.

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