c) activities and body movement-physical activity and health benefits

If people understood the connection between physical activity and health, we would live at least twice as long. The most remarkable example of what humans are capable of is Stu Mittleman who ran 1000 miles in 11days. His book Slow Burn explains how to jog (section a) breathing and the link to Stu Mittleman). If you consider including weight lifting and are wondering what gym training to choose, please prioritise outdoor training. However, a weight workout should be at the end of your list. Exercises on Gymnastic bars are an ideal solution for keeping your muscles in great shape (section g)spine contains more information about why the bar must be used every day).


Our heart is always active during our human life. Everyone understands that without our heart beating our life is impossible.
A heart is a pump or an engine that moves blood around our body.
For some reason, not many people pay enough significance to our immune system.

The main purpose of the human immune system is to clean or wash out toxins from our body.

Unfortunately, the human immune system doesn`t have an engine like a heart.
There is only one way of activating our immune system which is to be physically active during our life on an everyday basis otherwise the toxins will build up inside and will lead to illness and early death.
Native American Indians who lived in tribes used to have a tradition: an old person, who believes that he has become no more than a burden for the tribe, would ask to be tied to a tree. So, he would stand like this for two-three days without being able to make any movement and would then die from intoxication.

Very ill people, who are not able to move properly, can`t go to the toilet for a few days. As a result, doctors forcibly have to wash out excrement from the body.


Have you noticed that people with an unhealthy life style but who are physically active live longer than office workers who even try to follow healthy recommendations of eating good food and visiting a gym but who spend most of their life working in a sitting position without proper movement.

The huge Importance of water for human wellbeing was already mentioned in subsection b) water.
Water and an immune system work together.
If an inactive person drinks water, it still doesn`t help maintain good health.

One of the main functions of water is washing out and eliminating toxins through sweat, urine and tears.

Please imagine, after a nice lunch you put plates, cups and cutlery into a dishwashing machine, fill the machine with water but didn`t press the start-up button. The machine is not working. After some time, you took out all plates, cups and cutlery which are still dirty and use them again for your dinner. After dinner you repeat the whole cycle– put everything into the machine and again didn`t push the button. It is not difficult to figure out that very soon the person will have serious stomach problems.

Unfortunately, not many of us even are aware about the button that can be activated via physical exercises, jogging, skiing, swimming, etc. The result of such ignorance is an accumulation of more and more toxins.
Did you notice, when you use a toilet in the morning urine is much darker and smells stronger than usual. The reason is obvious- the body doesn`t make any movements during its sleeping state.

 Let’s consciously bring the precious gift of active movement into our life and our body will respond with great appreciation!


Everyone is unique and has his or her own likes and dislikes. However, whatever we do in our life, it is important to set up a habit of everyday jogging in fresh air locations such as the forest, park or maybe the seaside at least 10min a day and an hour on Saturday or Sunday if you work hard every day. 

If a part of your physical activities includes weight lifting – exercises with free weight, if you have a garden, it would be fantastic to do your training in fresh air.

If you consider buying reasonable equipment: barbell, weights, bench, squat stands, a shed for keeping these items, a big umbrella in case of rain during your training- please check the link to outdoor equipment for your gym (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section-Related Products).


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15 thoughts on “c) activities and body movement-physical activity and health benefits”

  1. I live in an area where the seasons dictate everything; in the summer, you can find me outside and running or doing any type of conditioning. Well, more like from when the weather breaks until when the days are too short to run outside after work! It’s a daily thing for me. I do lift weights however, but treat it more like a cardio workout, using moderate weights and constantly moving from station, resting very little; under thirty seconds.

  2. Hi Andrey,

    What a great metaphor you use with the dishwasher! Yuk, if you don’t turn it on the same day.

    I could also add a tip to take the bicycle to work instead of the car. I don’t know if that is possible in the US, but in Sweden where I live, we have great bicycle roads everywhere. For me, it would take approx. 30-40 minutes one way, which could be a great way to fit in everyday work-out in my life.


  3. Hello Audrey,
    I enjoyed reading your article. You’ve made some really good points here. I consider myself more active than a lot of people, but could still do more. I love riding bikes, but I would have to load it up and take it to a bike trail somewhere, because my area isn’t bike friendly.
    Generally during the cold months, I stay indoors to do my workouts. I can’t wait for warmer weather to get here so I can go for a jog outside and enjoy the fresh air.
    Also, I’m one to detox regularly naturally. I drink lemon, ginger, and cucumber water pretty often. It keeps me hydrated and cleans out the toxins.
    Thanks for sharing this well written information. You have given me some really good ideas.
    Best of health,

  4. This article was great in reinforcing the importance of daily movement and the key role that water plays in our health. I try to do exercise 5-6 days per week to keep my body in shape. Remembering to drink water is probably the harder part for me. What types of exercise do you prefer for yourself?

  5. I absolutely loved reading this article Andrey! As someone who prioritises health through nutrition and exercise (and other methods such as breathing techniques), I can definitely relate to what you are saying.
    Unfortunately, I do spend a fair amount of time sitting at my desk at home (although not entirely by choice). To work around this I am planning an extension on my desk so that I can work standing up and get stretches and other motions in whilst I work, making sure to take a 5-minute break every half hour or so to get to my circulation going. This is definitely something that I will do as soon as I reasonably can.
    I particularly enjoyed learning about the Native American Indian traditions, and your metaphor about the washing machine after you mentioned about office workers when compared to those who don’t spend as much time as sitting and do get a full range of motion makes a lot of sense!
    Prioritising exercise, and even better exercise outdoors in nature and fresh air, is vital to good health.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

  6. This is very informative about the health benefits! I love the way you use the dishwasher as a comparison. It is so very true! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  7. Really liked your post Andrey. You definitely know what you’re talking about as these are all key concepts. I actually had no clue the immune system worked like that but it’s a great idea and I’ll need to try some of this.

    Thanks and keep it up,

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