d) emotions-how to develop a positive mental attitude

We live in a very stressful world. Previous generations have never had so many unbearable worries such as knowing how to develop a positive mental attitude which is paramount at the present time. There are a lot of advice and recommendations about how to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and all kind of positive thinking tips but let`s be honest all of them don`t work at all or work for a very short time. We have to find the source of the problem instead of trying to fix the consequences. If your boat is sinking and more water is getting in what would you do? Use a bucket for taking out water or find where the leak is and seal the hole?

“The fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living with your mind.” Sadhguru

What is more important for human life – maintaining the body or emotions?

This question is as equally important as another question – what is more important to have a heart or lungs?

Our body and emotions are inseparable, they are one composition and work together.
If we are physically ill, even if not seriously – just the flu or a temperature, our emotions become unpleasant and we can`t experience joy.
If we are under huge stress, depressed, angry or upset, our body will respond accordingly with high blood pressure, heart attacks, cancer and other numerous ailments.

If a person is emotionally dead inside, physical death will follow very soon.

In extreme cases, when people lose the most precious person in their lives – their child or a really loving partner, suddenly life seems doesn`t have meaning anymore for these people and as a result they die very soon after such kind of horrible events.
However, if our emotions are very positive, pleasant and intense, our body begins to function at the highest level. We feel very exuberant, powerful and full of energy.

Please, recall your feelings about moments of your first or true love, winning competitions, achieving very important goals, flying to a holiday resort which you were dreaming about for your whole life.

 How wonderful all these experiences are!

Unfortunately, many of us prioritise physical body care and underestimate our emotional side.
Please, look around. Have you ever seen an emotional gym where we can pump up our emotional muscles on a regular basis? (I don`t mean pubs, bars or night clubs).

One more human deception, isn`t it? 

If we are in physical pain, we take pills or visit a doctor or even call an ambulance, but if we are in emotional pain – we just suffer and bear it inside.
Because everyone around does the same?
How intelligent is this?
There is proven scientific evidence: stress, anger, frustration and many other extreme negative emotions create a real poison inside us, that literally physically destroy our health more so than even consuming alcohol or eating junk food.

It is time for building our emotional gym which will create joy, laugh, excitement, exuberance and happiness for us.

 One of the best emotional gym instructors is Tony Robbins.
Tony was born in a small American town. His family was very poor, and he had to work as a janitor in his early years. He was desperate to get rid of poverty. He started learning ways to succeed. As a result, when he still was a teenager he made a lot of money but after he lost everything, and the most awful thing was he was broken inside. Finally, Tony found internal resources for recovery. He started studying not only business but also psychology. He realized after this hard lesson that if he wants to be successful it is paramount to be in the right mental state. Tony read a lot of books about psychology and took professional NLP course from the founders of the NLP movement.

As a result, he invented his own approach and system that is based on modern and traditional psychology and his own practical observations.

Tony`s goal was to find a system that can make significant emotional and deep psychological changes for people in a very short period and stay with them for the rest of their lives.

 He couldn`t and didn`t want to accept ineffective and long term traditional methods.
Tony successfully achieved this goal.
Professionals started noticing the practical effectiveness of his work.
He is regularly invited as a guest to the most popular radio and TV programs. Successful visible results of his work were spotted by the American government and since the nineties he has become an adviser for USA presidents. The richest businessmen and celebrities very often ask Tony for help to deal with their internal discomfort.

Tony Robbins is a founder or partner for more than thirty companies in various industries, ranging from technology (virtual reality) and sports (Major League Soccer) to events and hospitality, including the top-rated resort & spa in the Fijian islands. These companies have combined annual sales of $5 billion.

What is most amazing is that Tony is continuing his self-development and learning despite the fact that he has achieved everything that most people can only dream about!
Tony is a really charismatic character who brings exuberance, energy and excitement even to the most miserable, depressed and unhappy people.

I don`t want to give you the impression that he is a super psychologist (despite the fact that some of the richest people pay him a million dollars for only a day`s session of therapy) but the knowledge and understanding of his approach will most definitely bring you to a higher level of understanding of yourself and other people`s behaviour who you deal with on a regular basis, including your partner and children.

One of the explanations for Tony`s uniqueness is that he is always surrounded by completely different types of people – famous sportsmen and doctors, top psychologists and children, the richest businessmen and very poor people, Hollywood celebrities and ordinary housewives.

The first easiest and most enjoyable step of making acquaintance with Tony is to watch the sweet and romantic comedy SHALLOW HAL, where he plays himself -Tony Robbins.
The second step I would highly recommend Tony`s audio program Mind & Meaning and other recordings.

The link to Tony Robbins (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).

The third step is reading his books.

The last step is attending his seminars. I`ll be honest with you although these seminars will give you some benefits, they are very expensive and usually take a few days. The best way to obtain Tony`s knowledge is his audio recordings (but it just my subjective opinion). However, if you are already financially free and have an outgoing personality, Tony`s seminars will be helpful.

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16 thoughts on “d) emotions-how to develop a positive mental attitude”

  1. This is an interesting read! I’ve never thought about emotional health being compared to a gym to work out in like you do physically. It makes sense though. I intend to re-watch Shallow Hal, it’s been quite a few years! And then watch the video you have linked in here. Thanks for the information!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree that a positive mental attitude and good mental health is just as important as the physical! I too, have not heard of the term “emotional gym” before, but I love it! There are certainly ways that you can improve your mental status and this program seems to be one of the best ways to do that. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  3. I love listening to tony robbins, I have listen to quite a bit of his work. And love he started in his parents basement broke and turned not only his life around him, but millions of people lives he meets around him as well. Love your website thanks for sharing and reminding me of this great source of positive information.

  4. Andrey, I concur with you that we work more on our outer appearances than our emotions. In the end, we wind up emotionally dead.
    I am glad you have given me a link to follow (Tony Robbins). I will dig in and join the emotional gym.
    This post has started my day on a good note. It has given me good food for thought.
    Thank you

  5. Hi Andrey

    This was a very interesting read and I 100% agree that we should not only be taking care of our physical body but our mind as well. And Tony is someone I have followed for many years.

  6. I fully agree because I have personal experience in how not to dwell on negative emotions. Like when I was diagnosed with cancer back in 2000. Did I feel scared or stressed? No. I actually felt good because I had knowledge in what cancer really is and that it can be cured. I embraced my cancer with a smile and then I did the natural therapies used mainly in Eastern Medicine and was cancer free in 8 months.

    When my sister had cancer she didn’t worry about it that much. She made changes in her lifestyle, adopted many of the natural treatments I used and defied the odds given to her by her oncologists. She lived with stage 4 cancer for more than 15 years. Like me she lived her life with positive thinking, always planning for things in the future that she would be a part of. Stress kills and peace is life.

  7. I’ve never read Tony Robbins, nor have I listened to him. However, after reading your blog it may be beneficial to me. I have been through a profound loss in my life and did come out of it (eventually) as stronger and happier. My initial depression was so awful and it was very difficult to pull myself out of it. It was done though. Now I guard against it because I never want to go through that again.
    It is true what you say in the beginning of the article about some things only working for a little while, then you have to try something else. I think everyone has to find what works best, and maybe at different times.
    Thank you for your insight.

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