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Knowing what healthy food to eat and why, plus applying it every day is an essential part for a happy and vital life. If you are looking for an answer now to what is the best diet to lose weight fast, an understanding of an acid alkaline food chart is paramount. In other words, knowledge is power. This rule relates to our plate too. It is time for the first lesson!

Let`s be honest, we love food because food gives us pleasurable sensations of taste and smell. That is why we become very addicted to some kinds of food.

However, there is an uneasy dilemma – we want to enjoy our meal and be healthy, fit and energetic at the same time.

So, most of us can`t find the right solution. As a result, on one hand there are a lot of overweight and unhealthy people around us and on another hand, there are people who push themselves on strict diets and participate in numerous diet programs like Slimming World or even go for the Atkins diet (never ever take the Atkins diet please). People who are dieting quite often lose a significant amount of weight over a period of time, but they can`t stop thinking about the pleasure from their favourite meals which they feel deprived of. As a result, they give up their diet, gain weight dramatically in a very short period of time and usually become more overweight than ever before. As a rule, people undertake a few attempts to lose weight and these attempts tend to turn into an endless treadmill -overweight – diet – losing weight – overeating – overweight.

The base of the problem is in the roots, not in the fruits.

One more deception of humanity – the less I eat the slimmer and healthier I will be.

Finding the Base.

Our goal is to be fit, not slim.

You can be slim but not fit.
A person who eats unhealthy food but has a physically active life style every day – jogs, swims, visits the gym, gardening, etc., will be much healthier than someone who consumes healthy meals but is inactive.

The first root of the Base is Movement.

 There are so many different ideas of healthy food.

Let`s be intelligent and follow the most recent discoveries of scientists, test their advice and check how our body will respond.
The most recent discoveries revealed a secret of energy level of each body and food cell and how this energy can be measured and even photographed.
Energy of a food cell can be less, equal to or more than energy of a body cell.

 We have to choose higher energy food than our body cell energy (nothing to do with calories measurement). 

The second important aspect of the quality of food is PH.

Acidic food PH<7 and alkaline food PH>7.

If you would like to be aware about the fundamentals of healthy food that brings energy and vitality to the body, please read the book by Doctor Robert O. Young The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health.

His other books are available from his website and Amazon.
Also, after reading the book you might wish to consider trying his supplements and related health products.

The link to Doctor Robert O. Young (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).


Tony Robbins Health&Vitality audio course will expand the understanding of Health in greater detail.

The link to Tony Robbins (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).


The basic points of food selection.
The most damaging food for the body:
-coffee and tea

Completely dead food without any life energy:
– junk products from fast food restaurants
-cakes, chocolate, sweets, ice-cream

Cancer creating food:
-milk and all milk related products such as yogurts, cheese, butter

Food that dramatically decreases the brain function and destroys the good and bad bacteria of the human body:
-onions (Our body knows what is good and bad for us and responds accordingly. How does your body respond when you are cutting onions?)
-chilli peppers

Dr Robert Beck: “Garlic is a poison”.


The most energetic and healthy food:
– greens such as parsley, coriander, dill
-vegetables (cucumbers, radishes, turnips)
-cooked vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli).


I used to follow the recommendations of Doctor Robert Young and Tony Robbins. Most of their advice works for me but not all.
Some very respectable health experts insist on the importance of eating meat (Doctor Neil Solomon (Tony Robbins likes his work), Stu Mittleman).
Too many contradictions exist about whether we should eat meat or not.

Please test, how your body feels and how your emotional state changes with and without meat and make your final decision.  I didn`t eat meat for more than three years. During this period, I often felt very weak and struggled doing any physical demanding activities, my gym result decreased dramatically and I couldn`t jog as fast as I used to. I lost almost 30kg of weight and my emotional state was very far from joy and happiness, my brain activity had slowed down and I couldn`t think fast and efficiently.
Finally, I realised that meat is essential for maintaining my best physical and emotional state and I made a conscious decision to include meat in my menu again, whatever people, whom I admire and respect, say about the consumption of meat.
The hard lesson that I learnt is

Never blindly follow the advice and recommendations of even the most respectful people, even if their explanations and approaches seem smart and logical. Always, check your body`s response. The Body never lies.

 Recommendations from my personal experiences:

-Cleanse your body for at least seven days – drink only vegetable juices and avocado with tofu shakes. This is not a very easy process but will completely wash out yeast from the body. The harm that yeast creates is enormous. Yeast consumes a huge amount of food energy and as a result most of us feel peckish all-day long.
-Never eat yeast containing products after cleansing such as bread, beer, … If you want to eat bread, please choose yeast free, soda bread.

– Do not drink water at least 30 min before and two hours after a meal otherwise the stomach juice will be diluted and it will lead towards improper digestion.

My four weeks menu:

1)Early morning 5-6am-0.5l of warm water.

At least 30min gap after.

mix of cucumber, parsley and Healthy carbohydrates with PH closed to 7(buckwheat Monday-Wednesday-Friday, millet Tuesday, quinoa Thursday, porridge oats Saturday, baby potatoes Sunday), extra virgin olive oil and salt

2) 1-2pm Salad: cucumber, tomato, radishes, parsley or coriander, extra virgin olive oil and salt + fish or turkey or chicken breast or tofu or almonds socked in water

3) EveningSteamed vegetables (red or white cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, one carrot, one beetroot) mixed with plenty of parsley, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

On every fourth week I cleanse on a Sunday: I used to drink only vegetable juices and avocado with tofu shakes and water.
Now on every fourth week of Sunday cleansing I drink only warm water.

During each fourth week of Sunday cleansing I jog three hours in the forest.

The above mentioned recommendations work for my body and my physically active lifestyle. If it sounds interesting, you can always try them out and make your own adjustment and preferences. It depends on your age, gender, your everyday activity – if you are an office worker, a sport coach, or maybe if you have a physically demanding job, or you are already financially independent and free to choose any lifestyle.

All my food preferences are based on a few principles:
1) Energy value (not calories – please check Doctor Robert Young`s book The pH Miracle and Tony Robbins audio recordings – all links in THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEBSITE section). This is the main reason why each of my meals contain a lot of greens (parsley, coriander, dill)
2) PH balance – minimum of acidic products (only fish and meat)

3) Quality carbohydrates – buckwheat (very rich in minerals and the PH is almost neutral 7) The link to Buckwheat and other healthy food (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).

My personal recommendations for buckwheat cooking:
-it is better to use raw buckwheat rather than roasted
-put 140g of buckwheat in a pot and add 0.6l of water and half a tablespoon of salt. Leave it in the fridge for a day.
-put the pot on the cooker until the water starts boiling

– pour the boiling buckwheat into a 0.7 thermos (Stanley is one of the best thermos manufactures since 1913 – the link to Thermos (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section)) and leave for two-three hours in an Insulated Thermal Lunch bag the link to  Thermal Lunch Bag (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section)).

This method helps to keep cooked buckwheat in the best nutritional state because our goal is
To cook for as short a time as possible so as to preserve food elements from the damage of cooking at high temperatures.

Another method of cooking buckwheat is traditional – exactly how you cook rice (cooking in boiling water until the water is completely absorbed).

If you have to take freshly hot cooked meat or fish to work or on your trip, a 0.5l thermos will be very useful.

I wouldn`t recommend using a microwave anymore. Recent scientific researches show that microwaves destroy food value dramatically.

Companies Mauviel and CRISTEL produce some of the best kitchen utensils, but they are very expensive and would be advisable if you are already financially free. ProCook and Tefal supply good utensils with the right combination of price and quality.
The link to Pots and Pans (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).


Please, bear in mind, that cheap pans which are made from low quality metal, interfere with food during cooking and produce toxic chemical elements.

Recommendations for choosing the right combination of price and quality for a  Steamer,  Juicer and Blender (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).
It is vital to keep food products fresh. Most of us are not able to shop everyday due to us having a restricted amount of time. That is why a decent quality and capacious fridge is essential for our wellbeing. The fridge market is enormous at this present time. Samsung and LG are the best fridge-freezer manufactures. The link to Fridges (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).

Recommendations for salt.
It is better to use salt without any artificial ingredients. Usually, this is salt for grinding. Saxa salt is one of the best in the main supermarkets if you live in the UK.
Liquid salt is the best for health (perfect digestion and taste).

A simple recipe for making liquid salt: put 100g of salt and 0.5l of water into a blender and mix until the salt is dissolved.
Keep liquid salt in plastic water bottles.
I make liquid salt once a year and keep it in water bottles for a whole year without any problems.

The link to Natural Sea Salt (Coarse) is in Buckwheat and other healthy food section (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section).

Please, never try to save money by buying cheap food and kitchen related appliances. Please, remember that without good health, your life will lose any meaning and even billions of dollars will never be a substitute for healthy wellbeing.

Please, don`t get me wrong. I am not asking you to rush to the most expensive shops (like Harrod`s in London) and pay ridiculous money for food and related products. Good, fresh food and reasonable kitchen appliances are available everywhere nowadays. All recommendations of this website are based on the right combination of price and quality and also include an option for people who have already achieved financial freedom.

The last suggestion in this section is monitoring your weight which is quite useful especially when beginning to change your food and physical activities preferences. Please check the link to Body Weighing Scales (or access from Direct links to the best experts and products section-Related Products).

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14 thoughts on “e) food-what healthy food to eat”

  1. Hi Andrey, Thank you for this post. You’ve got a lot of good information here! I’ll comment on some of the highlights for me.
    Totally agree with pH being of concern, an acidic body leads to inflammation and inflammation leads to various stages of “unwellness”.
    I have a hard time with the idea of frequent seven day cleanses, I would be really grumpy haha.
    I really like how you suggest people adjust based on what works for them. Nutrition can be challenging as what works for one doesn’t work for the next. I have that in my own family!
    It sounds like you’ve found the perfect recipe for living a healthy life with a good balance that works for you, well done!

  2. This is helpful and educative, for example, I didn’t know that yeast is bad for my body, also your recommendations about cleansing, they are point on, I will try, but I don’t think I can do the Sunday warm water one, I will be too hungry, and because I suffer from low blood sugar and low blood pressure, I have to keep having snacks throughout the day.

  3. That’s very detailed information for heath! And I never know garlic is not that good for body! Also i like what you said:”Our goal is to be fit, not slim.”, some of my friends think slim is mean heath, but in fact, that are not the same! Thank you for all of these information!
    I definitely will share this to my friends! Thank you!

  4. I love the concept of food that give life energy. I’m managing type two diabetes and doing OK with a balance of regular exercise and eating more naturally. Courtesy of a grand daughter we have been introduced to the vegan lifestyle and while I’d only call myself a flexitarian who drinks a lot of water, it appears from your article that our concepts align. Certainly it seems to be working for me. Thanks for the science and some very thought provoking ideas.

  5. Hi Andrey thanks for this very informative post. As you correctly say people are different and there is no special diet that works for everyone. We eat very little red meat in our household, mostly fish and chicken. Over the years this has become normal so now our kids are also not big meat eaters. Fasting is important and has been part of ancient culture and civilization for many years. Most religions have fasting regimes in one form or the other. We fast for a month, sunrise to sunset, once a year and its a great detox. Gives your organs a chance to recover and detox. As you say you need to be sensible and avoid things which are obviously bad like junk food. Thanks for the info.

  6. A very informative post. I used to exercise faithfully and more regularly when I was single with no kids. I still try to as often as I can, but my time is much more limited now. I do agree that being fit is more important than being slim. My brother in law is a marathon runner and very health conscious. He has shared a lot lately about the microbiomes in the body. Very interesting stuff and shows just how complex the human body is.

    Thanks for your detailed article!


  7. Hi Andrey,
    Thank you for this great post, you’re sharing very important information! I’m also a big fan of greens and got into it through Tony Robbins 😊. I ate alkaline food and did urine tests for alkalinity for two months but I couldn’t see any change. I was still VERY acidic. Then I added Intermittent fasting and green smoothie with green powder for lunch and I turned from number 2 to 4. I’m still couple steps from neutral but I feel fasting has given me the best health benefits so far. I’m preparing myself mentally for two days water fast. I try to eat greens as much as possible but I cannot give up coffee and occasional alcohol.
    Keep up the good work! 👍

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