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Dear friends
It took me more than 30 years of my life to refine raw material of information into a priceless treasure and my work is still in progress.
This website contains the main six sections:
3)The right education
4)Mind and Emotions
5)Relationships and finding the partner of your dreams
6)Real Happiness
Each section is equally important for our life. A human being is like a car. Each part of a car is important – engine, steering wheel, transmission, each wheel, fuel and oil. Eliminate any of these parts and a car will not function.
Let’s assemble the perfect vehicle that will bring us an exciting world of happiness, joy and unimaginable self-discovery.


If you prefer not to read my thoughts and discoveries, please click on the final section at the bottom of the menu which is named THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEBSITE that contains extracts from the six sections where you will find direct access to the best practical experts who have found solutions that really work in areas of 1) Health ,2)Wealth,3)The Right Education,4)Mind and Emotions, 5)Relationships and finding the partner of your dreams,6)Real Happiness

First of all, we must be aware of the most fundamental human deceptions in the world:

1) Wealth is equal to happiness
2) When I am rich I will look after my health
3) Good food is equal to health
Please, consider the next facts:
-How long can a human being live without food?
The answer – approximately a month.
-How long can a human being live without water?
The answer – a few days.
-How long can a human being live without air?

The answer – one to two minutes.

The priority is obvious – air that we breathe.
If we talk about health, we pay attention normally only to food. Sometimes we mention water that is approximately 70% of our body. We have almost completely forgotten about the fact that air is the most important part of life. We think that we are the super creatures of the Universe and we are kings of the planet but at the same time a few cubic centimetres determine life or death of a human body.

However, without any doubt, despite the fact that we are such fragile creatures, we are masterpieces of the Universe and we are able to touch the Universe because we are not only creations of the Universe we are also the creators. (Detailed information about this subject you will find in sixth section Real Happiness).

One more deception: Archaeologists often find skeletons of people, who lived thousands of years ago, with teeth. When a man is ill, it is usually illness of the flesh such as liver, kidneys, stomach, etc…

When a person dies these organs start decomposing first. We are the smartest creatures of the planet who clean our teeth once or twice every day but never clean our organs which are made from flesh.
Isn`t this a deception?
The famous American inventor Tomas Edison said:

People look but don`t see.

Our first task is HEALTH.

The second task is WEALTH.

Most of our population are financial slaves. It is time to liberate ourselves from horrible bosses, boring, sometimes physically demanding, stressful jobs and from wasting a tremendous amount of our life span using transport in order to travel to work.

The third task is THE RIGHT EDUCATION.

When we hear the word education, we experience not very pleasant emotions. The main reason is our painful school memories about studying subjects. Generation after generation we do the same things.
Children can`t accept teachers as role models who are supposed to inspire them. Traditional learning techniques don`t make the process of studying easy and enjoyable. As a result, the whole process of education turns into torture instead of an exciting discovery. It is time to turns things around. This section is going to give you guidance in exciting learning techniques.

The fourth section is MIND AND EMOTIONS.

I`ll be honest. All the guidance and recommendations in this section will increase your positive emotions, give you peace of mind and lead you towards more enjoyable wellbeing but the main work will be described in the sixth section Real Happiness.


There are a lot of dating websites available. Thousands of books have been written about relationships and still most people are miserable, unhappy or in the best-case scenario, they are not completely satisfied in their present relationship. This section is practical, unique and maybe sometimes shocking guidance about how to find the perfect partner who will bring joy, pleasure and happiness into your life.

The sixth section is REAL HAPPINESS.

Every child is extremely curious. Children always ask so many unpredictable and unusual questions and even the wisest parents are not able to answer very often. Why is the sky blue? Why does the sun shine? Why is water wet? The list is endless. Every child is unique, however the most important question that every boy or girl asks is WHERE DID I COME FROM?

While a child is growing up the amount of questions becomes less and less but one question which is uppermost for everyone is WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER DEATH?

Sooner or later these two questions usually become forgotten because we have much more important things to do such as making money, paying bills, raising kids, etc…

Only at the end of life when people start anticipating the end, do these two questions rise up again.
Isn`t this another deception again like paying attention only to food concerning our health or prioritizing cleaning teeth.

As a result, humanity is paying a huge price for neglecting these two questions. We become unhappy, stressed, miserable, depressed and we live in constant fear of rejection and consequences of future events that in 99% of cases will never happen. We MUST change this this horror and be our own creator of our destiny. Maybe it sounds unrealistic now, but you will make fantastic discoveries of yourself in REAL HAPPINESS section.

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12 thoughts on “How this site is organized”

  1. This is an amazing website! Happiness is important for every human being. Nowadays people are so busy with work and forget how to live and hence lose happiness. Reading your website gives refreshment. Thanks for this wonderful website.

  2. Hi Andrey, this is a wonderful site, It is well presented, easy to navigate and very Resourceful. It shows links to other helpful resources and it has a good assortment of social media platforms to back it. It covers all things needed in order to have a good life.
    It shows a good balance for health and wealth and it indicates a time for work and a time for play, A time for family and a time for fun.
    Well done!
    Kind regards,

  3. Happiness the up most important thing to me and my family with it we have nothing. I love this site and will bookmark it and refer back to it whenever i need some inspiration

  4. Hi, Andrey.

    I’m here offering you my sincere gratitude for this wonderful, enlightening and uplifting website. This world needs far more people like you. I just finished listening to “The Lonely Shepherd” and it brought me to tears. It used to be my grandpa’s favorite song back in Austria. I’ve bookmarked your page and will definitely stop by more often. Your content needs to go viral; it’s, undoubtedly, a life saver for many, many people out there.

    Many thanks again for all the wisdom and kindness you’re sharing here with us.
    I’m sending you and your adorable family lots of love, harmony, joy and an abundance of all good things.

    Be blessed,


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