My Story

My name is Andrey and website Real Happiness and Health is created by me.

The main reason of creating the site is to give people the right guidance to the goal where everyone naturally desires to be. I mean real happiness and health.

Originally, I am from Russia (from Moscow).

However, during last almost 20 years I live in London. I have lovely wife and cute 12 years old daughter Natasha.

Since my childhood I have been looking for happiness.

Everyone has different definition of happiness: wealth, health, family, career, business, true love…

We live in the most comfortable time ever. Technical progress gives us everything that even 100 years ago Royalty would not imagine but at the same time people become less happy. We are suffering from mental deceases, depressions and we even commit suicides, even children. That had never happened before in human history.

So, I dedicated my life to find the answer for simple question that everyone asked themselves at least a few times in their life: HOW TO BE HAPPY?

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