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                     MP3 Player RUIZU X08

The best MP3 player that I have had is RUISU X08(it is cheap-approximately $30, very easy to use, the speaker has high sound volume).


Please, consider buying a player with at least two features – 1) a player with a built-in speaker, so you won`t need to use earphones and 2) one with a micro SD slot which supports a 64 or 128GB micro SD that allows you to listen to an unlimited amount of information – you can buy a few micro SDs but even one 64 or 128GB micro SD has the capacity to contain a few dozen books.

A free typing website will help to improve your typing performance whatever stage you are now.

Speed reading is an important part of the educational process.

With and 7 Speed Reading Software you will learn a new way to master speed reading.

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